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#IRespectMusic Live #Twitter Discussion via @TheBlakeMorgan Sunday 2-8 7pm #music #artistsrights

Blake Morgan, and so many of us, have been battling for artists rights. We are winning! Here is a chance to add your voice. Tomorrow, Sunday, February 8th 7pm on Twitter #IRespectMusic
Sign the petition http://irespectmusic.org/
Transcript: There are years that ask questions and there are years that answer them.
We’ve asked the question: “Why is the United States the only democratic country in the world where artists don’t get paid for radio airplay?”
Now, Congress is on the move. The United States Copyright Office is on the move. Music makers are on the move. Music Lovers are on the move.
It’s time for some answers from the people who believe that artists shouldn’t be paid for their work.
Join me tomorrow night on Twitter, Sunday February 8th at 7pm Eastern: hashtag #IRespectMusic.
It’s time to take the next step.

Take Action. Speak Up. Make History.

Join Blake Morgan on Twitter
Sunday, February 8, 2015 @ 7pm EST
It’s time to take the next step.


Irespectmusic indiestardust

Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem
Rosanne Cash
Rosanne Cash
Sir Patrick Stewart
Sir Patrick Stewart

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Imagine – John Lennon – Brilliant Comic Strip by Pablo Stanley #Beatles #Video

Imagine – John Lennon – Brilliant Comic Strip by Pablo Stanley #Beatles #Video



Order here on Amazon!!
Order here on Amazon!!

#LedZeppelin releases mastered remix of “Whole Lotta Love (Rough Mix With Vocal)” Official VIDEO

We have something historical in today’s release of Jimmy Page’s mastered remix. The importance of having the original recordings remastered by Jimmy is profound.

Page commented: “This version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is the mix down from the night that we recorded it, so it doesn’t have any of the overdubs that everyone will be familiar with, because when they hear this they’ll think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the original’ and all of a sudden they’ll go ‘No, it’s not.'”

Jimmy Page on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon May, 21st, 2014

From Led Zeppelin II (Deluxe Edition) Led Zeppelin’s remastered second album will include additional companion audio with unreleased studio outtakes To be released on multiple CD, vinyl, and digital formats as well as a Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box.
The official music video for Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love (Rough Mix With Vocal)” This title will be released on June 3, 2014.

Jimmy Page talks about performing with Led Zeppelin, how he learned music, influences on his sound and music, and being chosen for an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music. 

Jimmy Page is a world renowned guitarist, composer, and producer who has twice been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He began his career as a studio session guitarist in London and subsequently became a member of the Yardbirds, in 1966, before founding Led Zeppelin, in 1968. Over the next decade, Led Zeppelin effectively redefined rock music, drawing on a wide range of influences to create a string of legendary albums that have to date sold an estimated 300 million copies. Through his work with Led Zeppelin, Page became recognized as one of the greatest and most versatile guitarists in history. From acoustic ballads to hard rock standards, his use of unconventional scales and tunings, innovative use of electronic effects, and fresh approaches to records and production took the rock genre to a new level. His solo from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is still widely considered the greatest guitar solo of all time, four decades since it was recorded.

Rob Hochschild: interview
Filmed by 21summit Productions
Joe Barnard: videographer, editor
Simon Katz: audio

Led Zeppelin Rem asters Paris Listening Party – Jimmy Page


Pre-ORDER HERE! Click on the Photo!

led zeplin delux box set

#RARE Billy Joel on 16 Track The Lost L.A. Tapes – 1972 #raremusic #music Interview w/ Larry Russell @LRussellBass #Rare #Photos!

#RARE Billy Joel on 16 Track!
billy joel 4 track demo The Lost L.A. Tapes – 1972
#raremusic #music

by Karen A. Brown @IndieStardust @StardustBlueCEO

Larry Russell is a dear friend and when I saw what he had found in his archives I had to share it with you!

These five original songs feature Billy Joel, Larry Russell, Rhys Clark, and Al Hertzberg in 1972!  The sessions were recorded in Los Angeles at Paramount Recording Studios on Santa Monica Boulevard shortly after performing at the famous Sigma Studio, which was the concert that got Billy noticed by Columbia Records.

Thank you Larry Russell for supplying these rare recordings!

Interview with Larry Russell: Original Bass player for Billy Joel’s band 1972

KAB: How did you meet Billy and what year was it?

Billy Joel Miami Convention Center April 1st 1972 PHOTO: Susan Geiser
Billy Joel Miami Convention Center April 1st 1972
PHOTO: Susan Geiser

LR: It was early 1967 my band THE AGE OF REASON auditioned to be the opening act in a long island club called MY HOUSE owned by Danny Mazur. His son Irwin would later become Billy’s manager during my tenure. And that’s how it all began; my band opened up for THE HASSLES every Friday and Saturday night for a few months and also shared lots of shows with them outside of the club, like PALISADES AMUSEMENT PARK and HS proms.


Original  Billy Joel Band: February 1972 Live at The University of Southern Illinois
Original Billy Joel Band: February 1972 Live at The University of Southern Illinois












KAB: How did you come across these lost recordings? Tell us about all these great original tracks!

LR:  I had been looking for this tape for about 2 years now and stumbled across it accidentally, while opening some storage bins. I knew I should digitize it because it was on a cassette that was recorded by a good friend of mine, Alan Diaz, who was present during the sessions in Los Angeles. The engineer took a feed from the board and transferred it into Alan’s little Panasonic mono recorder. That tape was transferred onto another tape that he gave to me and I digitized it in my studio and gave that to the administrator of a great Billy Joel fan forum on Facebook run by pretty cool Billy Joel fan, Mike Stutz. The forum name is called Billy Joel: Completely Retold. the sessions took place in Los Angeles in April 1972 at the Paramount Studios on Santa Monica Boulevard. I believe we recorded there 1 or 2 days in one week to record about six songs. The engineer was the same one who worked with James Taylor on Fire and Rain. I remember those sessions as being a very happy time for us as that was a great momentum for us at that point.

KAB: What was the atmosphere like recording with Billy during this session?

LR: My old drummer bandmate, Alan Diaz. who would later go on to play Sergio Mendez, was attending this session and it was his cassette tape that was used to make the digital transfer of these sessions. The atmosphere was never tense. Between Billy, Rhys and I, there were plenty of ‘NY kidding’ around to keep us loose in the studio. And besides, we had a very successful string of dates that solidified Billy’s future success to come.

Larry Russel Photo by Symie Dahut
Larry Russel Photo by Symie Dahut

KAB: What was the equipment did you guys used to record?

LR:  I used a 1972 Fender Prescision Bass that Billy bought me, mostly because my Rickenbacker Bass was getting played out. Al Hertzberg used his new Strat, that Billy bought him, as well. Rhys used his custom kit with Ludwig hardware. And Billy used the studio’s Steinway Grand. The engineer that day was Bill Lazarus, who two years prior engineered James Taylor’s Fire and Rain LP. He was awesome. The room provided him a 16 track Studer. I believe these sessions lasted two to three days.

KAB: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers, Larry?

LR: Yes, this band is releasing some live material from our reunion show from last year at The Bitter End on iTunes soon. It is called ‘Long, Long Time’ and look out for us later this year when we mini-tour a few shows down the East Coast.

KAB: Where can folks see you play now?

LR: We are planning an East Coast multi city mini-tour and I will provide info relating to this on Facebook. I am also in the midst of mixing the tracks from our Bitter End Reunion Show from last September 22, 2013 and those tracks will soon be available for sale as a download on iTunes as soon as it is completed.

Thanks for dropping in here with me on Indiestardust Larry! Wonderful hearing these incredible stories!

Find Larry on Twitter @LRussellBass and on Facebook 

Buy Billy Joel Here!

The record relates to our famous concert at Sigma in Philly 2


#JackWhite did it! He Broke the Record for the World’s Fastest Studio-to-Store Record #music #RecordStoreDay #Vinyl

We all thought this was just a marketing gimmick for Record Store Day and then we saw this! Wow Jack!

Jack White’s World’s Fastest Record RSD Recap!

Sonic 102.9 program director Al Ford stopped by Garner Andrews’s place on his way home from LA to discuss his trip to Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville and played the new song, “Lazaretto”.

Original track “Lazaretto” Jack White – Audio

Actress/ Producer Olivia Wilde shreds the Hollywood Double Standard

Bravo to actress/producer Olivia Wilde for telling it like it is.

“The men who joined us to sit on stage started squirming rather uncomfortably and got really bored because they weren’t used to being the supporting cast,” Wilde said.

“It was fascinating to feel their discomfort [and] to discuss it with them afterwards, when they said, ‘It’s boring to play the girl role!’ And I said, ‘Yeah. Yeah. You think?! Welcome to our world!”- Olivia Wilde

Laura Flanders’ show streams at http://www.GRITtv.org. Here, actress Olivia Wilde joins the State of Female Justice panel to discuss the responsibilities of celebrities towards advancing social justice and the portrayals of women in the media.

#IRespectMusic Takes Off!! Musicians voices are being heard!

Artists/Musicians/Writers are not getting paid for airplayin The USA and it’s just simply wrong.

The time has come! Please sign the petition at http://www.irespectmusic.org and send your photos to us @IndieStardust on Twitter or on Facebook www.facebook.com/IndieStardust
We will keep building this collage until it is impossible to build.
Cheer us on and watch the process! Sign at http://www.irespectmusic.org

Follow @TheBlakeMorgan

Take Action. Speak Up. Make History.

Irespectmusic indiestardust

The Washington beltway will no longer turn a deaf ear to artists @TheBlakeMorgan #IRespectMusic

Blake Morgan has stepped into the arena with Washington with 8411 signatures on the http://www.irespectmusic.org petition, as of this writing, Congress will have to listen. Twitter is ablaze with hundreds of photos with musicians, celebrities holding a sign saying #irespectmusic. 

comp irespectmusic indiestardust 2-8-14

New York, NY – February 11th, 2014: The Washington beltway turned a deaf ear to artists’ rights until one guy, one activist, wrote the words “I Respect Music” on an index card and showed it to the world.

Blake Morgan
Blake Morgan

Now, thousands upon thousands of music makers and music lovers are standing together and making history by adding their names to a petition that is not only shaking up the music world, it’s shaking up Congress.

The petition, written and launched from the laptop of artist and musician Blake Morgan, has gone viral at an unprecedented pace. Everyday working musicians, music fans, music organizations, and luminaries like David Byrne, Patrick Stewart, Gavin DeGraw, Jean Michele Jarre, Marc Ribot, Roseanne Cash, Mike Mills, John McCrea, Civil Twilight, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and countless others have voiced their support by both signing the petition and posting or tweeting a “selfie” with the hashtag: #IRespectMusic.

Rosanne Cash
Rosanne Cash

“The idea for ‘I Respect Music’ was born in an Op-ed I wrote for the Huffington Post in mid-December,” says Morgan (article here: http://huff.to/1gItlZW) . “Once the article went viral and passed 40,000 ‘likes,’ it was clear that idea––and those three words––had resonated far more deeply than anyone could have expected.”

Blake Morgan is no stranger to how democracy works in the modern age, or to winning a David vs. Goliath struggle for artists’ rights. The I Respect Music campaign follows his whistle-blowing victory over Internet radio giant Pandora, which led to the multi-billion dollar company abandoning its own signature legislation in Washington which would have reduced artists’ pay by up to 85% (article here: http://huff.to/1iMROLL).

David Byrne, Talking Heads
David Byrne, Talking Heads

“Many are surprised to learn that the United States is the only democratic country in the world where artists don’t get paid for radio airplay. And, that the short list of countries that share the United States’ position on this issue includes Iran, North Korea, China, Vietnam, and Rwanda.” Morgan adds, “What’s more, as a result of not paying their artists for radio airplay here in the United States, other democratic countries aren’t paying American artists in their countries.”

PatrickStewartI IRespectMusic “Art is one of the United States’ top five exports. It’s one of the few things the United States still makes that the world still wants,” says Morgan. “So it’s not just rock stars who aren’t getting paid, we’re talking about millions of working class artists and musicians, as well as millions more who are––or used to be––employed through music: electricians, carpenters, bus drivers. This isn’t just about music, it’s about American jobs, and American exceptionalism.”

To sign the petition, please visit www.irespectmusic.org.

Send us your photos and IndieStardust will add you to the ever expanding collage. 

#iRespectMusic : Blake Morgan launches iRespectMusic.org

Blake Morgan  iresepctmusic IndiestardustBlake Morgan Launches http://www.irespectmusic.org and #irespectmusic hashtag

“We artists and musicians have the right to expect from our profession what others expect from their professions. That through hard work and determination, perspiration and inspiration, we’ll have the same fair shot to realize our dreams, answer our callings, support our families. I respect my profession. I respect artists. I respect music.”

—Blake Morgan, Recording artist, producer, label owner
The Huffington Post, December 18th, 2013

Just tweet out a photo of yourself or a homemade meme saying #irespectmusic and Join in!! 

“I am incredibly honored to be a part of this movement. Many more details coming very very soon! But in the meantime…#IRespectMusic
Please share with anyone and everyone!!”

Blake’s Facebook page is already buzzing!


Musician and artists rights advocate Blake Morgan has launched a new website, http://irespectmusic.org/ and has started the hashtag #irespectmusic

Blake is a solo artist, owns and runs his label ECR Music Group and has insipred the music industry with his editorials on Huffington Post!

Art and Music Are Professions Worth Fighting for

Pandora Needs to Do Right By Artists

Blake writes: “At the heart of everyone’s concerns lies a common understanding that the royalty payments from radio, whether terrestrial (AM/FM), satellite, or Internet, are uneven and unfair. Everyone involved in the argument feels they’re unfair, whether they feel they’re paying too much, or getting too little. That’s because terrestrial, satellite, and Internet radio each pay different rates. Mostly this is due to the near-century between the establishment of terrestrial radio and its satellite and Internet counterparts, and the birth of the entire music industry during that time.”

(Left to right) Billy Amendola/ModernDrummer; Magazine Ray Gomez/Guitarist; PatrickStewart and Sunny (Below) Bluesman Steve Hester

indiestardust irespectmusic blake morgan

Indiestardust wishes Blake huge success with The #iRespectMusic Campaign!

We are honored to join in! Follow Blake on Instagram  & Twitter > @TheBlakeMorgan


Elio Pace: What a Day… Merry Christmas!

by Karen A. Brown @IndieStardust @StardustBlu @StardustBluCEO

Elio PaceI would like to introduce you to Elio Pace, from The UK.  His pure enthusiam, contagious joy and monster piano playing certainly caught my attention. I had a chance to interview him for us, so I took it.

KAB: It’s lovely to have you here with us for Christmas Elio, Thank you! Share with us a bit about your Christmas song “What a Day” I love it!

613V55rNSaL._SY300_Elio: Thank you Karen. I wrote ‘What A Day’ back in 1989… I was 21. The only thing was that I wasn’t comfortable with the lyric that I had written for it which was about a whole different subject and so after recording a demo of it in 1993, I put the song away and forgot about it. Then one night in August 2006, on the way home from a gig, it popped back into my mind and I had this epiphanic moment where I realised that the title ‘What A Day’ lent itself perfectly to being about CHRISTMAS day. So to cut a long story short, a few days later, myself, Helen McNee and Matt Daniel-Baker sat down and rewrote the lyrics to my existing melody. I enlisted a dear old friend of mine and exceptional trombonist and arranger, Adrian Fry to score the horns and by the September we had made the record as you hear it now. I released it that December on my own independent label Rosa Records and I’m so proud to watch its popularity grow year upon year.

KAB: You have had an extraordinary career. I read that when you were 20 you won a talent show similar to what looks like early version of ‘America’s Got Talent’?

Elio: Yes. The program was called ‘Bob Says Opportunity Knocks’, the ‘America’s Got Talent’ of its day and the host was one of my favourite comedians and a British comedy legend, the late Bob Monkhouse. I sang one of my own songs, ‘Take You Home’, which in itself was rare thing to do on a programme of that kind. I won my heat which put me through to the final which was televised live at peak time on a Saturday night on BBC1. Although, I didn’t win the final that whole experience changed my life and career forever.

KAB: I would love to know more about this impromptu jam on Liberace’s piano. How did that happen and who is playing with you? This is a “MUST SEE” in my book!

Elio:  Along with my band, I had been asked to perform at the Dorchester Hotel in London for a children’s charity fundraising night along with one of Britain’s best loved comedians, Bill Bailey and one of Britain’s best-loved pop bands The Feeling. We were all mingling in our green room before the evening kicked off and I think someone mentioned that Liberace‘s piano was just outside in the hall alongside our room. I actually can’t remember exactly how it happened but within a few minutes we were all gathered around the piano and myself, Bill, and the lead singer and main songwriter from The Feeling, Dan Gillespie Sells started jamming a 12-bar blues. We’d really only just met and yet there we were conversing and connecting through music… That’s what’s great about a piano, one of the few instruments you can share in that way.

KAB:  It is truly a unreal moment in time. You’ve shared the stage with so many extarordinary artists on BBC’s “Live on ‘Weekend Wogan’ BBC Radio 2” Which performances stand out in your mind?

Elio:  I was the musical director and featured artist on that live radio show for the whole of 2010… 34 live shows. And in that year I got to meet, arrange for and rehearse with over 70 of the most incredible artists like Glen Campbell, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Don McLean, Leon Russell, Debbie Reynolds, John Legend, Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Neil Sedaka, Norah Jones and Kiki Dee. But if I had to choose my top four highlights they would be: duetting with Raul Malo (from The Mavericks) on ‘O Sole Mio’; duetting with Huey Lewis on ‘Shake, Rattle And Roll’; having guitarist Brian May from Queen join my band for my opening number of the show ‘Gimme Some Lovin’; and performing ‘Country Boy’ with guitar legend, Albert Lee which received the only standing ovation in the whole year and with whom I had had the pleasure of touring with for three years before this performance.

KAB: What is the structure of your band?

Elio: In the last three years and at this moment in my career I have loved touring with my 6-piece band: drums, bass, guitar, two horns and myself on piano and vocals. The music that I write and enjoy performing, unashamedly spans many genres. And so regardless of whether it’s my 10-piece or 6-piece band, the musicians I need have to be able to encompass the many styles that I love to perform. I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by some of the best musicians and singers in the world.

Click on the player below to hear Huey Lewis and Elio Pace Live!

Rehersal with Huey Lewis

KAB: A dream of mine as a little kid was to be able to play every instrument on the stage. How many musical instruments do you play?

Elio: The only instrument that I feel I can play to a professional standard is the piano, but I do also play a little drums, guitar, trumpet, accordion and my party piece is ‘Stranger On The Shore’ on the clarinet!

KAB: Tell us about your Billy Joel Songbook 2014 Tour.. Looks like it will be off the charts!

elioElio: Since the night I became a Billy Joel fan back in 1986 when I heard ‘This Night’ for the first time, I have wanted to do a gig of just his songs. And so to finally get around to actually doing a tour of his music is truly a dream come true for me. This is the first time that anyone in the UK has done a Billy Joel theatre tour and so I feel privileged to be given this opportunity to communicate his incredible musical legacy. This isn’t a tribute act as such because I’m not going out trying to look or be like Billy Joel but instead just be myself, performing his incredible songbook. We kick-off on March 20 and I’m stupidly excited about it.

KAB: What does the future look like for you, Elio and is there anything else you’d like our Indiestardust family to know?

Elio: No matter what else I have done in my career to date, nothing gives me more pleasure and is more gratifying than writing my own songs, recording them, going out and performing them for people and finding that the public enjoy what they hear. So for me it’s all about writing my next album. It took me 21 years to make my very first album of my own material, ‘A Seat At My Table’, of which I am extremely proud but I have a lot more music in me that I look forward to unleashing on the world.

KAB: Thank you for stopping by here with us Elio, continued Success and Merry Christmas!

Elio: Thank you so much Karen. As an unsigned and independent artist, the thought that people in America are being exposed to my music thrills me to the bone and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to connect with you all. So much of the music that has influenced me in my life comes from your great country: Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel, Delbert McClinton, Neil Diamond, Aretha Franklin, Tony Joe White, Jimmy Webb, Bobby Darin, Louis Prima, Ray Charles, Louis Jordan… I could go on for hours!!! Anyway, a very Merry Christmastime to you and thank you once again for your support.

BUY Elio’s CD Here on Amazon!               Follow Elio @eliopace 


Merry Christmas Everyone! May Your Christmas be filled with Stardust!