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Nicholas Wedgwood Evans: The True Story by @jmarshallcraig

Nicholas Wedgwood Evans: THE TRUE STORY …


Nicholas Wedgwood Evans
Nicholas Wedgwood Evans

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The time has come for Nick Evans the actor to let the world meet Nicholas Wedgwood Evans the character.

Or should that be characters? Thespian, restaurateur, concert promoter, multi-media entrepreneur, pioneer of third-world cellular communications, and globe-circling captain of his own yacht: They’re all the son of the world-renowned stage and screen actor Michael Evans (Gigi, My Fair Lady and The Young and the Restless). Nick grew up in 1960s L.A. ~ which meant hippies, free love, wide-eyed exuberance and such seemingly everyday things like The Doors opening for Arthur Lee at one of Nick’s North Hollywood High school dances. It meant surfing, cruising Malibu and hitchhiking up to Nicholas Wedgwood Evans to see The Grateful Dead … smoking dope with weirdo “Topanga Charlie” (a couple of years later known to the world as Charles Manson).

Nick began following in his father’s footsteps, appearing on both stage and screen, and met with admirable success but few jobs. He found his calling behind the scenes. And in the case of sailing around the world for six years, beyond the sight of land.

“I’ve been thinking about this for years,” Evans says in his stylish Beverly Hills pied-à-terre, adored with collected artifacts and souvenirs from his world travels – including few choice samples of  rare handmade china from his Wedgwood ancestry) and, he humbly acknowledges, an exceptional portrait of him done by Rolling Stones guitarist (and acclaimed painter) Ronnie Wood.

“I think I’ve got some pretty good stories to tell. Neither my brother nor I have any kids … this is the end of the line for my family.”

Not that the end is anywhere near for Evans: The sixtysomething keeps in such good shape that he beats nearly every opponent he meets on his tennis court. Including, sometimes, his former Wimbledon-veteran tennis coach.

Like every young man his age in 1969, just graduated from high school, a draft card arrived in the mail one day. His horrified father packed up his son and promptly enrolled him in the Guildford School of Acting drama school in Surrey and put him on a boat back to his native England. No way was Michael Evans going to have his British son shipped over to be killed in Vietnam.

“That saved my life in more ways than one,” Nick says. “Those were great, crazy days and we were all having the time of our lives, but things started to get out of hand in L.A. I had no direction, didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I was getting caught up in some weird shit, man.

“My girlfriend was this really cool chick named Nancy Pitman. Suddenly, she disappeared. She’d been introduced to Charlie and Tex Watson and ‘The Family.’ Nancy’s parents called me and asked me to find her.  I really tried to get her out of there but I couldn’t do anything. By this time Charlie and I had a history. It was simply not a good scene. I split. And, what, a year later my former girlfriend’s in prison for murder. It was so tragic.”

When asked more about his “history” with Manson, Evans smiles and says, “buy my book. It will all be in there.”

Once back in England, Evans found his footing. After a year at the highly regarded Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and respectable notices in several large productions and three BBC television shows, he yearned to be a part of the crowd instead of a performer for it.

“I fell in love with this amazing girl, Brigitte. She was a German model who also worked as an assistant to Vidal Sassoon. In the beginning, she helped me open a stall in High Street Kensington Market, selling velvet jackets and all that kinda stuff to rock people. I laughed when I first saw Austin Powers, ‘cause I thought, ‘he could have bought all those clothes from me!’ ”

As Evans became closer to his celebrity clients, he reached out to Ringo Starr and Keith Moon with the idea of opening a nightclub.

“At that time there was almost nowhere in London where you could get a drink after 11 o’clock,” Nick says. “There was the Scotch of St. James, the Hard Rock … there were five places in all, I think. But for a city that size in the height of its rock-and-roll boom, the stars were clamoring for a place they could be until three or four in the morning.”

Ringo and Moon opened their phone books and sent out invites. From opening night, The Last Resort, at 294 Fulham Road, was THE place to be. It became a second home to Anita Pallenburg and Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart, Steve Marriot, Ian MacLagan, and the hottest horn section in rock and roll, Jim Price and Bobby Keys. Frequent patron David Bowie tended bar in drag as his wife Angie sweated it out on the dance floor.

Evans himself became a fixture on London’s hottest, hippest scene and was dubbed “American Nicky” by his superstar clients and friends.

But after several years, the constant party and all the hard work had exhausted Evans – as had the punitive British taxes.

“I couldn’t take it anymore,” he says. “It was a dream and the time of my life but it got to be too much and wasn’t fun anymore. I began to dread going to work and all I wanted to do was move to France and take a year off. So I did. I sold my interest in the club to partners Charlie Smith and Richard Burden and immediately flew to Paris.”

Evans began to reinvent himself and went to work on his dream of becoming a rock and roll concert promoter. “It wasn’t that big of a challenge,” he says, “because I knew just about everyone in the business. They all liked and trusted me and within the year I had started promoting everyone from Wings to Queen and Miles Davis.”

Having been introduced to South America on a vacation with Rolling Stone pal Mick Taylor, he fell in love with Rio, and relocated there – where some of the days’ hugest rock concerts were put on.

“I was in Brazil when I first started to hear about how things were getting hairy at the club.”

About a year after Evans sold his interest in The Last Resort and moved away from Britain, an Irish man was arrested in Sydney carrying a few thousand hits of LSD from London. He told police he was just a courier – and named The Last Resort owner Burden as the kingpin. The Australian police passed on the information to the UK police. It was a small tip in a much larger, Britain-wide drug sting called Operation Julie. By 1977 there were more than 800 police officers from 11 different law enforcement agencies involved. On the morning of March 26, 1977, after nearly three years of surveillance, the forces swept in on 87 locations all over England. More than 100 people were arrested and enough LSD to make 6.5 million ‘tabs’ (with a street value of £6.5M) was seized. Eventually £800,000 was discovered in Swiss bank accounts.

The 15 ringleaders were sentenced to a combined 120 years in jail. For his part, Richard Burden got six years.

Nick Evans was never even a suspect.

But his name still made the papers, since he was the founder of The Last Resort.

“That absolutely broke my heart,” Evans says. “The newspaper stories, the whole shocking scandal. I mean, of course I had nothing to do with it and had been out of there for more than a year, but my name still cropped up. It was absolutely devastating … my grandfather Josiah Wedgwood – the former manager of the Bank of England – reading his grandson’s name in the paper just because this happened at an establishment I used to own.”

Subsequent allegations that Evans’ phone was tapped and even that there was a warrant out for his arrest began to surface.

“All lies,” he says, “but once it’s in the papers people believe what they want to believe. It drowned my fond memories and destroyed such a great legacy of such a fabulous time and place. I get very angry when I think about it – maybe even more so now with the Internet and anyone who Goggles me can trip upon such slanderous untruths.

“That hurts. It’s one reason I’m writing my book – to set the record straight for once and for all.”

And the other reasons?

“Well … when I got tipped off that the Brazilian death squads had me on their radar to kidnap and shake down because of all the rock promotion money. I had all my cash converted into diamonds, emeralds and rubies and went straight to the airport and caught a flight to San Diego! That’s a pretty cool story.”

Then there is the sailing. Evans says he’s keeping most of his six-year journey around the planet a secret for his book ~ but promises it will be a page-turner.

“I had sailed all my life, and after the club and the music and other business ventures, I had quite a lot of money saved up, so it was time to turn it over to my OTHER passion: Sailing. I bought the Midnight Rambler … a Swan 46-foot … hull #9, manufactured in Finland. She was the Rolls Royce of racing sailboats. It was a gypsy dream of mine to sail around the world, and we set out from Monte Carlo…”

Along the way, Evans teases, there were pirates, a near-mutiny from a crew member, a near-fatal capsize from a 100-foot rogue wave in the Indian Ocean’s treacherous “Roaring Forties” seas that crippled the boat.

“We were adrift for eight days,” Nick says. “Remember, this was before GPS and satellites. We were 2,500 miles from the coast of Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a 12,500-mile journey to Perth, Australia. My mast and main sail were gone but the crew and I managed to rig a slight sail and we limped to a supposedly deserted island that I knew was close because of sea birds overhead. Not only was it not deserted but it was a massive, secret spy naval installation. They were not happy to see us coming.

“What happened next … I’m saving for the book!”

Evans won’t reveal the title of his memoir but promises that it will be published sometime in early 2016.

Actress/ Producer Olivia Wilde shreds the Hollywood Double Standard

Bravo to actress/producer Olivia Wilde for telling it like it is.

“The men who joined us to sit on stage started squirming rather uncomfortably and got really bored because they weren’t used to being the supporting cast,” Wilde said.

“It was fascinating to feel their discomfort [and] to discuss it with them afterwards, when they said, ‘It’s boring to play the girl role!’ And I said, ‘Yeah. Yeah. You think?! Welcome to our world!”- Olivia Wilde

Laura Flanders’ show streams at http://www.GRITtv.org. Here, actress Olivia Wilde joins the State of Female Justice panel to discuss the responsibilities of celebrities towards advancing social justice and the portrayals of women in the media.

City Lights: Mind Blowing Views of Los Angeles as seen through the eyes of Cinematographer Colin Rich

by Karen A. Brown @IndieStardust @StardustBlu @ StardustBluCEO

Colin Rich Vimeo Screen

It’s early Saturday morning and I wasn’t planning to write today, but then, thanks to a friend, I found Colin Rich. He is way up high on the “cool” meter!  I haven’t had a chance to interview him, [I hope to *hint “Colin” if you are reading this*] but couldn’t wait to share his extraordinary gifts with you!

His patience. His perseverence. I picture him sitting alone, in what must be almost a meditatitive state in remote locations for hours to get seconds of footage. He’s probably busy at work with a half dozen people with him. [This is where an interview with Colin would be quite helpful.]
Pop open the video to a large screen to enjoy!

Colin writes on vimeo, that he will be concentrating on narrative and documentary films.
We look forward to more Colin!

Credit: Colin Rich by LA-By-Time-Lapse-Photo
Credit: Colin Rich by LA-By-Time-Lapse-Photo

For more behind the scenes and updates on Colin’s work, you can follow him here:
Facebook: facebook.com/colinrich1
Instagram: instagram.com/heyitsmecolin  Twitter @heyitsmecolin
Web site: deer-dog.com

Colin writes: ” ‘City Lights’ is the final chapter from my “Trilogy of Light” series that began a couple years ago with ‘LA Light’ and then followed up with ‘Nightfall’. It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles. It was an exercise in patience. A lesson in light. An understanding of what it is to live amongst each other and to understand the system and order of a city, the seemingly complex organics that make it up and the life form that the city truly is. A visualization of sonder. It was a daily jaunt to watch the arterial freeway systems pump car cells through its body and channel them to the capillaric avenues that are our neighborhoods and homes. It was a chance to break away from the 70mph freeway perspective and to observe the sun slip from view and watch the electric dance of nightfall begin. It was challenging. It was frustrating. Definitely dangerous at times. Sometimes it hurt. I was chased. Yelled at. Warned. But the overall context of things learned, people met, things seen, and places discovered over the past three years shaped who I am today. I didn’t always love Los Angeles but I learned to and discovered that this city is much more than temperate weather, palm trees, pretty girls, and beaches; to me the true beauty behind the city lies hidden on the other end of a rusted fire escape to a view no one else has seen.”

And just for some perspective: Colin and The Pop Star team have been literally launching camera’s into space for footage.
Have a look! Although, you may need a dramamine as the camera launches.

Colin writes: “Launched on October 19th 2010, PopStar was a collaboration between Pacific Star and PopTech, hence the name and literal representation of a popstar. Maximum altitude was in excess of 116k feet but the GPS signal failed to record for a number of minutes. PopStar flew a lateral distance of 117 miles and landed by a blueberry field outside of East Machias, ME.” Music by Max Indian

More incredible footage fom Colin Rich at  Deer Dog Productions Copyright © 2013

The Wrecking Crew

by Karen A. Brown @IndieStardust @StardustBluCEO @StardustBlu

“This is a documentary film about an elite group of studio session musicians in Los Angeles in the 1960’s who played on hits for the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sonny and Cher, Jan & Dean, The Monkees, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Mamas and Papas, 5th Dimension, Tijuana Brass, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, Johnny Rivers and Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and that’s just a few! The amount of work in which they were involved was tremendous. These musicians have since become known as “The Wrecking Crew”.” – Denny Tedesco

This is the most exciting historical music film to be released. The music and the musicians who played and recorded in the studio in Los Angeles in the 1960’s shaped music the way we hear it today. This is literally how rock and roll began.

Filmmaker Denny Tedesco is the son of the late Tommy Tedesco the lead guitarist of The Wrecking Crew. He has brought us his 17 year journey to tell this story. I spoke with Denny tonight as his Kickstarter campaign, 7 days ahead of schedule was just about to hit it’s 250k goal. The plan is to have distribution and to assist those original musicians from The Wrecking Crew.

The Wrecking Crew Official Trailer

 KAB: Denny, you have been invested in The Wrecking Crew for 17 years. Love, Sweat and filming. Tell us how you feel knowing that all of your hard work has paid off with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

DT: I’m so blown away right now. We are less than 3K as I write this to you from raising the 250K that will be used to pay off the final licensing. It was the stumbling block that kept this film from ever being released. I’m with my two children watching the computer. My wife is in back east producing a commercial. If it wasn’t for Suzie, my wife, my mother, my brother, and my kids, I could never have gone on.

But more importantly it was the strangers who saw the film over the years and told others about it. It was them that kept my hopes up. Watching the film with audiences around the world was the coolest thing to see.

KAB: What are your plans for getting the film to the public?

DT: I hope we find a distributor right way after I pay off the musician’s union and the last few licenses.

KAB: How will you be assisting The Wrecking Crew musicians?

DT: I hope the union pays the money out to them immediately. But more importantly, I want to see this released before we lose any more folks.

KAB: Will there be a Wrecking Crew Part 2? 3? I know you have a huge amount of incredible footage.

DT: We are talking about multiple DVDs with out takes. So many artists, engineers, and musicians that aren’t in the film, so their voices will be heard.

KAB: How will you be celebrating? This is an exciting weekend for you!

DT: I have nooooo idea. I wish Suzie was here. My mom has become addicted to Kickstarter. But she calls it Quickstarter. She’ll be in tears in the next hour. This is a crazy feeling.

KAB: Tell us what the future holds for The Wrecking Crew.

DT: I just want to see this get out to the public. I’m just thrilled I was able to be the one to tell the story.

KAB: Is there anything you want people to know about the film and your journey with it?

DT: If the door closes, go through a window. If you believe in yourself, don’t give up. Time can also be a benefit for a dream come true. This film will only survive with people sharing the story with others.

KAB: Will you be selling all of the great merchandise on the Kickstarter page in the future?

DT: Yep. We did a benefit for a friend that was going through cancer and when he went to Chemo, there was someone with a Wrecking Crew T-shirt on. That was meant to be!

KAB: What is next for you, Denny?

DT: Cutting the last few updates in, cutting out takes, and mixing!

KAB: How would you describe your father’s roll in The Wrecking Crew?

DT: I think he was more than just a guitar player. Many of the guys spoke about how Hal and my father could keep it light and that made life easier in some difficult sessions. The proudest moments I’ve had over the years is when people talk about how my father helped them on sessions or even just meeting him, they talked about his kindness.

KAB: What would you say to your dad right now with the success of the film and a distribution deal close at hand?

DT: Thank you dad for giving me everything you taught me about life.

KAB: What do you think he’d say to you… ?

DT: He would be in tears.

KAB: Denny, thank you for all of your hard work!! I am thrilled! As I have just finished editing this piece you have just HIT your Kickstarter goal!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Denny, you have made music history by documenting music history!!!

Follow on Twitter- @WreckCrewFilm 

On Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/WreckingCrewFilm

More here at http://wreckingcrew.tv

Documentary “Living for 32”: Virginia Tech’s Colin Goddard goes to Washington no longer a victim


Living for 32 ‘s 2010 Academy Shortlisted Documentary’s Colin Goddard goes to Washington to speak on closing the gun show loophole with Vice President Biden and other victims of gun violence. Colin’s focus is on common ground and answers to one of the toughest issues America faces. 

Director Kevin Breslin and Producer Maria Cuomo-Cole joined forces with Colin Goddard in 2010 to tell Colin’s story of his experience during the Virginia Tech Massacre. Today was a day to find common ground in Washington on gun control. I asked the filmmakers to share some of their thoughts/experiences on Living for 32 and working with Colin.  

“The time has come for a common ground. Colin Goddard is the voice we need.” Director Kevin Breslin 

Brown: How do you feel about Living for 32’s message now that Colin has become such an incredible voice in Washington ?

Blowtorch_Breslin_DirectorBreslin: It only helps create awareness and that is good, However, we have had 1000’s of murders from a coherent way to control guns being in the wrong hands. Colin does what is essential. He goes to work every day and discusses the issue. The film supports his efforts.

0-filmmaker-coleCuomo-Cole: The rise of Colin ‘s voice a national advocate for gun safety and expert on federal and state gun law policies is warranted. As a survivor of one of the most devastating episodes of gun violence in the United States, Colin courageously dedicated himself to strengthening gun laws in order to spare others the tragedy and suffering he and his family endured. His intent was pure and his actions, sincere.

Brown: What were your feelings on the set while filming..?

Breslin: I felt that Colin would emerge as a powerful voice. The irony is that he is listened to after people are murdered. A wonderful way to have to be understood. He is finally getting the NRA people to pay attention to his lobbying efforts at Brady.

Cuomo-Cole: While shooting, Colin’s story emerged to become a compelling , sensitive and intelligent case , imperative for the world to hear and see. He needed no prompting. The story was his own.

Brown: Is there anything you would like to add?

Breslin: Yes…politicians and lobbyists and gun manufacturers all have to sit together and come to an understanding that life is a remarkable thing and help eliminate all the murders in America. This is way more than a financial or 2nd amendment threat; it has to do with life and humanity

I am extremely proud of the formidable, effective young man Colin has grown to become. He will always have my support and partnership in the mission to implement legislation demanding safer national gun laws. The first time I heard Colin describe his personal experience and rational case for reform, I knew his story needed to be captured. He generously agreed for me to film him in order to share his story to promote change.



“The president is going to act. Executive orders, executive action, can be taken,” Biden spoke to reporters prior to meeting with survivors of mass shootings and their representation. “We haven’t decided what this is yet, but we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the Cabinet members.” Legislative action also is needed, Biden said.

Vice President Biden speaks during a meeting with victims groups and gun-safety organizations on Wednesday in Washington. Attorney General Eric Holder is at left. PHOTO Susan Walsh AP
PHOTO – Susan Walsh AP

“I’m convinced we can affect the well-being of millions of Americans, and take thousands of people out of harm’s way, if we act responsibly,” he said.

Left: Vice President Biden speaks during a meeting with victims groups and gun-safety organizations on Wednesday in Washington. Attorney General Eric Holder is at left. Colin Goddard to the left of AG Holder.

 Colin’s account of his experience during the Virginia Tech shooting.

The Young Turks report with Colin Goddard on CURRENT TV

Trailer: In 2010, Colin Goddard shared his story in Director Kevin Breslin’s documentary “Living for 32” produced by Maria Cuomo-Cole. The documentary was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Living for 32 – Trailer from Living for 32 on Vimeo.


On a snowy, windy April day in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2007, young Americans pursued a college education and their teachers engaged in providing it to them. Some of those students were attending Introductory German, Intermediate French, Advanced Hydrology Engineering, and Solid Mechanics classes in a building image (3)called Norris Hall.

Thirty-two of them died, 17 more were wounded, and six more were injured jumping out of windows. Their lives had collided with that of a tortured loner, whom a judge had written was “fundamentally ill and in need of hospitalization, and presents image (4)an eminent danger to self or others as a result of mental illness,” or is so seriously mentally ill as to be substantially unable to care for self.

One of those wounded was a 21-year-old senior International Studies major from Richmond, Virginia, named Colin Goddard. Goddard image (7)played a unique role in the horrific drama that played out at Virginia Tech University on that blustery April day: he was the only person within the building to call the police. Urged by his French professor to dial 911 as the crackle of gunfire came closer to the door of their classroom, Goddard made the call. Shot for the first time, image (10)he passed the phone to a classmate who gave the police enough information to get them to the scene three minutes later. Police got into the building, which had been barricaded, six minutes after that. For all the terrible damage that the killer did, the toll of lost lives might have been much higher if it were not for the 911 image (6)call started by Colin Goddard and continued by Emily Haas.

By the end of the ordeal, the killer had fired at him at three separate moments during the eleven-minute assault. Goddard had been shot four times. He heard the rescue workers walking through his classroom, living_for_32shouting ‚”red tag, black tag, black tag‚” a dire roster of the critical and the dead. He was later told he might not walk again, but fought his way through arduous physical therapy. And he grew a fire in his heart to do something about keeping dangerous people from having easy access to deadly weapons. The killer had two semiautomatic handguns, dozens of 10- and 15-round magazines, and 400 rounds of hollow-point ammunition.

After recovering and finishing his degree, Colin Goddard decided he was going to volunteer for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the nation’s largest gun control organization. And he was going to convince them to sponsor him in wearing a hidden camera and going undercover into gun shows all across America, to prove how easy it is for anyone to buy a gun, with no identification, no Brady background check, and just a wad of cash.

Living for 32 is his story. ( credit: http://livingfor32.com/story/ )

CNN – Colin Goddard – VA Tech survivor on gun violence meeting

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Director Kevin Breslin and his New Indie, “Blowtorch” starring William Baldwin, Lois Robbins, Kathy Najimy, Armand Assante, Jared Abrahamson

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Director Kevin Breslin and his New Indie, “Blowtorch” starring William Baldwin, Lois Robbins, Kathy Najimy, Armand Assante, Jared Abrahamson


Let’s shoot a film in the middle of hurricane cleanup:  Director Kevin Breslin’s New Indie, “Blowtorch” stars William Baldwin, Lois Robbins, Kathy Najimy, Armand Assante, Jared Abrahamson 

by Karen A. Brown @StardustBluCEO

On October 29th when Hurricane Sandy hit the The Northeast, Director Kevin Breslin was in pre-production to begin filming “Blowtorch”. Little did Breslin know, he would first have to watch 100 homes burn to the ground in his neighborhood of Rockaway, NY and lose two cars while being forced to weather the storm on the top floor of his home. He has spent  the last two months living in 5 different locations while he’s been filming “Blowtorch” on the streets of Brooklyn. On one night, he had to direct from his car, as the deluge from the sky made it impossible to be out in the street.

BT_DAY_017-03576 (1)With a stellar cast of veteran actors William Baldwin, Lois Robbins, Kathy Najimy, Armand Assante, Paul Ben-Victors and Jared Abrahamson burning up the screen, this drama is sure to be powerful. The story, written by Breslin, is set in Brooklyn. “Blowtorch” tells of a murder of a teen over ‘bathsalts’. (http://www.drugfree.org/drug-guide/bath-salts)

BT_DAY_05-01204I caught up with Breslin to get the inside scoop on “Blowtorch”, which will be released sometime late this year.

What was it like filming on the streets of Brooklyn?

BT_DAY_017-03420Breslin: Brooklyn is the greatest place on earth to film. For “Blowtorch” I tried to relive the naked city and on the waterfront. It still has cobblestone. It has the old crumbling factories and the lonely streets. The piers jut out with NYC in the background. The hard edge of the waterfront in Sunset Park allowed me to show the working class world. The rich and the dreams of greatness always twinkled across the river.

BT_DAY_01-00282You wrote “Blowtorch”, can you share more about the process of creating the script?

Breslin: This is a story out of my mind. I worked in many factories and knew many tough people. I loaded trucks for years at night in Canarsie. I knew about a few different murders in my life and had to get at some fiction. I have made one doc after the next in BT_DAY_01-00205the past few years and knew it was time for me to start working with fiction. It is in my blood.

Your last film, “#whilewewatch” was a raw fast paced doc on the Occupy Wall St Media team, how different was shooting with seasoned actors?

BT_DAY_13-03095 (1)Breslin: I was excited to meet all the actors. I loved them. Billy Baldwin, Armand Assante, Kathy Najimy, Jared Abrahamson, Paul Ben David and Lois Robbins. They were all great. All the characters are New York. The actors gave brilliant performances. This is about a teenager murdered over bathsalts in Brooklyn. I know reality and doc story telling. I trusted my instincts about story and just giving the actors the freedom to work. BT_DAY_01-00054 (1)I loved when they said to me, ‘Hey, I have an idea. Can I try this or that?’ I loved that. They were invested in their characters. I just wanted them to bring the rhythm of their roles to life. Can’t wait to do it again. Actors are smart people.

Any quirky stories during the shoot that you would like to share?

BT_DAY_05-01177Breslin: Yeah, I was homeless because of Hurricane Sandy and have been sleeping all over the BT_DAY_016-03161place till my house is ready. My son Quinn, age 5, thought he was Billy Baldwin’s son. And called himself Jesse. He would run lines with Billy at 3 am. He started asking when was his chance to do a scene. The camera crew put him in makeup and I called action. He stared throwing out some lines. Insanity… (*laughing*)

You are editing now, when will the film be released?

Breslin: This is an indie. It will be out sometime next year. This is an edgy murder story on the waterfront in Brooklyn. A teenager dies over bathsalts. His mother seeks revenge and wants the murderer caught. She becomes inexorable and takes the law into her own hands. Lois Robbins BT_DAY_01-00142is the mom. Billy Baldwin is a detective who is after the killer and has to use all his skills to keep the mother from ruining a murder case.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the writing and/or filming of Blowtorch?

BT_DAY_13-02760Breslin: I was blessed to have a great NY crew. The mayor’s office gave us ‘cart blanche’ and we shot all over the Brooklyn streets. For a film with a small budget I think we will give the streets a big-time look. I look forward to getting the film out for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to a film in the vein of the old NY movies from Lumet…even the edgy look from  Billy Friedkin. I used old lenses from the 60’s to give the film a unique look…. Thank god for cobblestones.
Find more on Director Kevin Breslin at http://www.breslinfilms.com Follow on Twitter @KevinBreslin
#whilewewatch on Snagfilms.com 

Blowtorch on IMDb


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