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“Inner Sunset” by The Paul and John: Paul Myers and John Moremen bringing back Vinyl!

by Karen A. Brown @Indiestardust @StardustBluCEO

UPDATE! Kickstarer Success! “Inner Sunset” Album Released!!! Order Here on Amazon!

the Paul and John Inner Sunset IndieStardust


John Moe, the witty and affable host of MPR’s Wits just tweeted something really nice about INNER SUNSET by The Paul & John: 7-16-2014

“Hey, know what? [The Paul & John] has created a really great album of dreamy Beatlesque pop music. Wisdom! Hooks! Listen!” – @johnmoe

“I dig it. Will listen to it *recreationally*, a rare thing in a job where I listen to a ton of music professionally.” – @johnmoe

I’ve known Paul Myers for about two years, his talent as a music journalist, writer and tweeter has shredded my 80’s legwarmers and tangled them in the air conditioner more than once.  So you guys need to know about The Paul & John.

paul and johnAs a journalist, Paul has written for everyone from to Mix Magazine, The San Francisco Bay Guardian and more, more, more! His critically acclaimed biography of Todd Rundgren respected by musicians and music lovers… but then I heard the music he’s been creating with John Moremen!  John Moremen is the lead guitarist in the critically acclaimed Bay Area band The Orange Peels and was lynchpin in D.C. band The Neighbors.

The Paul & John is a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist songwriters Paul Myers and John Moremen.

paul john2The depth, resonance and genuine feeling of going back in time, yet, keeping us right here is palpable. Flavors of The Beatles with layering of The Beach Boys, the clean feeling of Elvis Costello and the reminsicence of time somehow wrapped in the beautiful harmonies of The Paul & John all the while the music is fresh, new.  I felt myself traveling through the tunes like a stream meanders gracefully around pebbles and then rocks, we find ourselves with the feeling of home.  Something so comfortable right away at the first listen to The Paul & John.

“Inner Sunset” by The Paul & John, has been funded!! Buy Here on Amazon! 

The Paul & John is a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist songwriters Paul Myers and John Moremen. The Paul & John only record music they’ve written together. Additionally, Paul is the designated lyricist. The two handle all major sounds between them, with John on the drums and Paul on the bass. Producer Allen Clapp is a voting member in the arranging and sonics.

Follow Paul Myers on Twitter @pulmyears and John Moremen @JohnMoremen


“Inner Sunset” by The Paul & John, has been funded!! Buy Here on Amazon! 


Interview with Dylan Brody on his new CD “Writ Large” by Karen A. Brown

A warm and hilarious storyteller, Dylan Brody has his way with words. He calls himself a “Purveyor of Fine Words and Phrases” He certainly is!  Dylan is adorable neurotic perfection with lovingly supportive generosity. He is able to visually frame any situation so we can be right there with him. “Writ Large” is a must!  

I caught up with Dylan Brody as he was on the phone doing an interview with “Comedy Above the Pub”. But I was lucky enough to get him next.

Tell me how you feel about words Dylan.
Hah! I love words. I love the way they fit together into images and I love the way in which those images can convey ideas more complex than those literally expressed. This is the nature of poetry and I try to allow poetry to be part of all my word use, whether it is in the creation of a joke, a story or an e-mail message.
What type of situation do you enjoy sharing with an audience most?
The type in which I stand on stage talking and they sit and listen and/or laugh.
Ha! (And he said that with a straight face.) Dylan, how long did it take to write and record “Writ Large”? Was it a compilation of many years or a short focused intention?
There’s one piece (Alpha Male) that has been part of my repertoire for some time . . .
. . . I had wanted to get that piece on to one of my CDs for a long time, but for reasons of thematic balance it hadn’t fit anywhere before. Apart from that, everything on this CD was written and developed over the course of the past year. Almost. I just remembered that the track “Size Matters” is actually a joke from my old stand-up days. A fan and friend of mine requested that I put it on the CD, so I did. Also, the structured improv stuff is stuff I’ve done for a long time, but it really is improvised, so it’s always brand new.
Is there anything specific you would like to share with your listeners?
I want my listeners to know that it is hugely important to me to know that people enjoy what I do. The more silence I allow in my performances, the scarier it is and all encouragement is appreciated.
So we will always be sure to make lots of noise in the audience.
I don’t think you understand what I mean . . . (sigh).
I do!!! I really do! But just in case I don’t, tell me.
When I moved from doing four-laughs-per-minute to . . . oh. Never mind.
No please share! ( Wasn’t going to let this one pass us by. ) There is a certain rhythm when you are on stage.
When I was doing a laugh every fifteen seconds, the laughter became a constant source of reassurance. With the story-telling, a certain amount of silence is appropriate. I build images. I take people on weird, dark little journeys sometimes. I’m not actually hoping for or playing for a laugh, but so many years as a comic habituated me to the sound. So the silence is wonderful, appropriate, focused, rich but also a little bit terrifying. I have to remind myself internally that . . .
. . . as long as it’s listening silence and not coughs and shuffles, I’m doing okay.
Just watching the Starbucks clip I was glued. You are doing more than ok..
Aw, thanks. That piece is one of my funniest. It’s how I start my set when I’m doing a regular stand up club these days.
Has anyone ever done this type of comedy before? More storytelling.. less one liners?
It’s a great clip! I loved it!
Oh, yeah! If it were 1946 or 1958 I would just be considered a comic, really. Mark Twain did this sort of performance. Lord Buckley did long-form stuff. Bill Cosby did long stories.
Bill Cosby! A favorite! It has certainly been many years though. Thank you for bringing it back!
The idea that you need a laugh every 15 seconds became the norm only in the 1980s/1990s with the proliferation of cable channels, TV comedy showcase programs and the “tight six” that everyone needed in hopes of stepping from stand-up into sit coms.
You are most, most welcome. Thank you for accepting it.
Thank you Dylan! Wonderful interview. I look forward to many replays of “Writ Large”.


My Fine Friend Dylan Brody has his newest CD coming out today! Dylan also happens be a regular Special Guest in my Songwriters Showcase and will be performing tonight (Tues. April 2nd) at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena. Dylan will be celebrating his newest CD and will have a bunch with him. Music starts at 7PM. Dylan will Writ Large Later! Oh – and please “Like” Dylan, he is a genuinely wise and funny and thoughtful man who tells the parables of our time. 🙂 – David Harvey
I cannot recommend this CD highly enough (and not just because I was at the recording). Dylan Brody is an incredible storyteller who will caress your brain while messing with your head in the best of ways. WRIT LARGE is wit large. GO GET IT. Amy Engelhardt
Click on this photo to purchase ” Writ Large”

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Dylan Brody will be at The Coffee Gallery Backstage tonight in LA (April 2nd, 2013. The show starts at 7:30pm.