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First Look At Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix in ‘All is By My Side’

The first footage of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix has surfaced on YouTube, not a trailer but a one-minute clip from All Is By My Side seeing the legendary guitarist being discovered by Imogen Poots’ Linda Keith. Unfortunatly, the film has not been sanctioned by Hendrix’s estate so the story will be brought to us without the music.  How are they doing this with such a  huge missing piece? Time will tell.

“Forward” Man Walks Backward through Jerusalem

image (1)“Forward” Man Walks Backward through Jerusalem has gone viral on Youtube.

Filmmaker Messe Kopp, takes a walk through the streets of downtown Jerusalem backwards, yet, appears to be walking forward. Most of the backdrop seems to be shown backwards it truly feels as if he is walking forward.

 Incredible execution. It certainly seems as though the entire film was very well planned prior to shooting it.

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BBC’s Hilarious Mila Kunis Interview with Chris Stark – Adorable!

25-year-old Chris Stark was literally in a taxi with his boss and thirty minutes later thrown into the hot lights for an interview with Mila Kunis. He not only survived his panic, but has become a viral sensation. Never really asked her about the film. Just watch. Adorable.

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