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by Karen A. Brown @IndieStardust @StardustBlu @StardustBluCEO

Several years ago, I met musician/cartoonist Richard Sirgiovanni. I’ve never seen someone so determined, so focused on getting a show made. Richard truly has something special! I’d love you to meet Richard and The Grimps! The Grimps will be on this Saturday morning at 9:30am Channel 5 in the NY-Tri state area & over 200 FOX television stations around the United States! Check local listings. This will be The Grimps national TV debut on Teen Kids News.

KAB: Thank you for joining us today Richard! How did you come up with the idea for The Grimps? When did you first create them?

RS:  It was about 5 years ago when I wanted to create a new project and wanted to combine my 2 passions which is cartoons and rock n’ roll but I didn’t just want to make a cartoon about a rock band. I wanted it to also be magical and fun for kids. So I began developing a story of how they lived 500 years ago and were cursed by an evil wizard to become these ugly little creatures and banished for eternity. Until one day, their friend and wizard who was also cursed found a spell to reverse the curse, but only temporary changing them back to humans from sunset to sunrise everyday. The show takes place in present time as The Grimps take their shot at being rock stars at night.

The GrimpsKAB: How fun! Who wrote these great songs?

RS: The theme song called “We’re The Grimps” was written by Ron Dante and Freddie Cannon for me. Many new original songs are currently being written and submitted by new young songwriters as well.  Some iconic writers in music history. The new songs and production will be the direction and sound we are creating for The Grimps.

The Grimps “We’re The Grimps” official TV show theme song

KAB: Where do you see the show going?

RS: The show is targeted at kids 8 to 12 years old but we believe it will be well received by adults and family entertainment for 3 generations. The social media efforts already show fans from around the world up to 70 years old. The Grimps are modern, but have a retro feel which I believe is attracting the parents and the grandparents. The grandparents, 55 to 70 are the classic rock generation and are attracted to this. I see the show being aired as a weekly animated show on a major network that focuses on kids’ entertainment. Each show will have a positive message in a fun and entertaining way and will feature a new original song in the episode that follows the theme of the story.

The Grimps

KAB: What is your dream for where The Grimps may end up?

RS:  My dream is that The Grimps can become a new entertainment brand that crosses over into TV, film, music, publishing, merchandise, licensing, electronics and more. I have some exciting plans for the live show when we take The Grimps on the road to a live audience.

KAB: Tell us about the show this Saturday?

RS:  This will be The Grimps first exposure on national TV in America. I was recently approached by the producers of Teen Kids News on FOX to do a segment and tell America about The Grimps. Although the show is not sold yet, the producers felt strongly about the idea of The Grimps… The positive messages… The music and the appeal and wanted to do a segment. Teen Kids news is a news program by kids and for kids. It has aired on Fox television every Saturday morning for over 12 years. Teen Kids News airs at 9:30 am every Saturday on over 200 Fox television station across the country.

Around here we don't look backwards for vey long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we're curious ... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney
Around here we don’t look backwards for vey long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious … and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
– Walt Disney

KAB: Who were your influences?

RS: Too many to mention but here are some that have influenced me and whom I’ve admired for several reasons.  Walt Disney, probably the successful cartoonist of all time and a genius business man and visionary. The Beatles, they were more than a band that created the best music ever, they we’re artists and they canned the world in so many ways. Stan Lee, creator of Marvel and many of the legendary comic hero’s. I was very lucky to have met Stan out in LA about 10 years ago, he was such a wonderful guy and I was in awe to finally meet him thinking about all his creations I grew up with. Also, Pablo Picasso, Richard Branson and Charles Shultz.

KAB: Tell us a bit about your background?

RS: I graduated from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan; I was always a freelance cartoonist, as well as a musician, in a very popular rock band in NYC during the late 70’s and early 80’s. While I continued as a cartoonist, I also made my living as a creative director in the advertising field for many years. All these roads led me to The Grimps.

KAB: Thank you so for joining us today, Richard! I know I will be tuning in!

@TheGrimps will be on this Saturday morning at 9:30am
Channel 5 in the NY-Tri state area & over 200 FOX television stations around the United States…check local listings
Tune in or set the DVR for The Grimps national TV debut on Teen Kids News. teen Kids news is an Emmy Award winning 1/2 hour weekly TV show that is informative,educational & fun. A news show for kids by kids.
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