@GeorgeTakei : Lions and Tigers and Bears : The Internet Strikes Back and #SWSX March 11th

Pop Culture icon, funny man, internet wizard and Star Trek alumni, George Takei has launched, yet again, into the final frontier! His new book Lions and Tigers and Bears (The Internet Strikes Back) (Life, the Internet and Everything) has hit the stratosphere at #2 on Amazon Kindle’s ebook Biographies and Memoirs!

Here at Indiestardust we say “Let’s take George to Number 1!!! Go George!!” His Facebook Fan page has 6,267,251 likes with over 7 million talking about him and sharing his daily antidotes! And each meme or photo he shares on the page can get up to 70k shares from fans! If you are not following Geore, what are you waiting for?

George has a truly good and kind heart, which also reflects his twitter account.  He tells us all to call him Uncle George.

Our Uncle George is happily married to his longtime love, Brad.  He’s worked dilegently on marriage equality and LGBT rights. He takes a stand for all with humour, grace and intention! Bless you George! Everyone deserves to be happy, free and loved!

George also has a new episodic short talk show on Youtube called Takei’s Take where he discusses any topic he has his eye on, which means the multiverse is the limit!

And Just in!!!  George Takei Will Take the Stage on Tuesday, March 11 at SWSX!!  

#swsx george takei

Some fun from George’s Facebook Fanpage!

George Takei Photos

George Takei Disses William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy on Conan.

George writes on his website: “I had been on the Howard Stern Show many times before – a few times intentionally, but more often, not. The times I went on the Stern Show with purpose were to promote a play I was doing or the publication of my autobiography, “To the Stars.” But more frequently, I’ve been on the show via bandit recordings of phrases I said while on the show – like, “Oh my!” – or a phone conversation with a celebrity imitator with whom I talked, thinking it was the real celebrity – most absurdly, a brief conversation with a rather poor imitator of Ricardo Montalban. Howard Stern has had his fun with me – and his listeners seemed to be having a hilarious good time listening to his mischiefs. The Stern Show technicians even took my voice from the audiocassette version of my autobiography and manipulated the words to make it seem as if I were actually making some outrageously vulgar statements. They say they’re doing all this because they love me, but, I must say, I’ve never been loved in such a bizarre way.”

Here’s the clip of George’s appearance with the Ricardo Montalban impersonator, Kidd Chris on The Howard Stern Show.

Uncle George shares everything to make you smile….

Order George’s new book here!

george takei book cover indiestardust

Thank You Uncle George!

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