Word Waterfalls, 49 1/2 Shades of Steve BLUE-stein and The Mom

by Karen A. Brown @StardustBlu @IndieStardust @StardustBluCEO


Karen A. Brown: Hello again Steve Bluestein.  Lovely to have you back so soon.  So please tell us, how did you manage write an entire new book in 6 weeks?

Steve Bluestein: I take performance enhancing drugs.  You don’t think Lance Armstrong is the only one who pedals fast.

KAB:  Where are these stories coming from?

SB:  My mind is like a computer. It sees things in terms of comedy viability. When something happens in my life I say, “Wouldn’t it be funny if…?” And I’m off. My stories are all true…What makes them funny is my take on them. My side comments. My observations.

49-1-2 shadesKAB: What happens to you when you sit down to write? It must be a waterfall.

SB: It’s interesting. It’s like a waterfall, you’re right. But after two hours the waterfall shuts down like it’s clean up time at Disneyland. I can tell you when it’s been two hours by how my mind is working.  I think I have a tad ADHD… Oh look pretty colors.

KAB: Why 49 1/2 Shades… Why not 39 1/2 or 79 1/2?

"As my book 49 1-2 shades of Blue-stein suggests... I believe in angels and today in Century City there was one right in front of me." SB
“As my book 49 1-2 shades of Blue-stein suggests… I believe in angels and today in Century City there was one right in front of me.” SB

SB: I didn’t want to get sued. I was going to call the book 50 shades of Blue-stein but thought I would get sued. So I called it 49 1/2 Shades.

KAB: Steve, can you give us your take on Christmas? The shopping? The advertising? The parties?

SB:  I hate Christmas, the crowds and commerciality of it all. I had my shopping done in October when I didn’t have to fight sixteen housewives on Starbucks caffeine for a parking space. My gifts were wrapped before Thanksgiving and my cards were done the day after Thanksgiving. And now while you’re all running around looking for an X-Box I’m watching re-runs of I’M DICKENS HE’S FENSTER.

KAB: I saw that you had a recent visit with your mother. How is she doing in Florida?

SB: Well, the joke I told my friends was… It was a wonderful trip. She has Dementia and forgot she hated me.

KAB: Is it ok if I share the clip you took during your visit?

SB:  Ya, sure.

KAB:  Great! Ok, everyone, meet Steve’s mom! This may explain a few things.

KAB:  Now that we all have used a half box of tissues in laughter. Thank you by the way, Steve and Mom and friend Dori Fram for asking the question in the first place.  Now Steve, please share a little with us about the animals in your house.. Dogs, Cats…? Fish? Penguins?

49-1-2 shades
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SB:  I’ve had a zoo of animals… all rescues. Maggie the Springer Spaniel for 14 years, Followed by Katy the Dalmatian, followed by Tori Spelling the terrier, followed by Sully the Golden Retriever and finally Louie the Bichon Frise… oh and Kitty Carlisle the worst cat in America… Meanest cat ever!

KAB: Steve you’re a good guy, lovely of you to rescue all of them, especially the mean Kitty Carlisle. So, may I ask what are your plans for 2014?
SB: I would like to have a good bowel movement.

KAB: Wouldn’t we all, Steve… Wouldn’t we all. *hoping you are speaking figuratively.*  

I would love to see you writing for a new comedy show. Anything we should know about?

SB: TV is a young man’s game. I will not be writing TV again in the near future. Not because I don’t want to but because the industry doesn’t hire older writers.

KAB: I think they are making a mistake demographically speaking. There are a lot of old people watching TV. Do you have another book in the works yet?

SB:  I’m thinking of doing a photography book… I have over 4000 photos that need a home.

KAB: That’s an exciting prospect, Steve. Your photographs are wonderful! Thank you again for visiting me here! Steve’s new book will make you laugh, cry and reflect.

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The photo below is one of the shots Steve says will be in his new book of photographs.

steve vegas

3 thoughts on “Word Waterfalls, 49 1/2 Shades of Steve BLUE-stein and The Mom

  1. If it comes to Steve Bluestein, just be prepared to laugh a lot, cry, reflect on his life and your own, The stories are true, Sounds like fiction, will break your heart, and melt it, It will make you think it was written just for you, you will want to meet him and hug him, and apologize for all the terrible things in life that made him who he is, and most of all, you will love him for the same reasons. He is a Shining Star that does not realize, he is just that.

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