Iconic Record Store Bleeker Bob’s is closing

by Karen A. Brown          Tweet me @IndieStardust

First Colony Records, now Bleeker Bob’s, where has all the vinyl gone?

Remember, as a kid, placing the ‘needle’ on a record and ‘feeling’ the sound of each groove, hearing the depth of the layers of all the instrumentation, each vocal inflection, each breath..

At 7, I  had a General Electric portable record player, my first.  I remember sitting for hours on end writing down every lyric as I would move the needle back ever so gently to catch the next phrase with my pen just so I could eventually sing each word with the artist. As I grew older, I found out that record shops in Manhattan had printed lyric sheets. I was on the subway faster than lightening with my eye on the prize. Off to Colony Records! Then headed downtown to Bleeker Bob’s!  Had to get my fill! I’d come home with new albums and sheet music ready to sing and learn write lyrics. This was my classroom. It would take hours to get each word written and when I finally finished getting them all, I’d sing my heart out. Yes, that one song over and over til I knew each word by heart and then I would repeat the entire process again. Ahhh.. persistence…

Owner Bob Plotnik and his shop have been a Bleeker Street fixture for 45 years.  Bleeker Bob’s is one of those places you could spend hours and hours in. Searching through each stack of albums, touching each one, reading each jacket. A new or old release always echoing though the store. Bleeker Bob, you and you perfect little shop on Bleeker Street will be truly missed. Thank you for so many wonderful years Bob….

Bob in the 1973 issue of Creem Magazine
Bob in the 1973 issue of Creem Magazine

For The Records” A documentary film on ” Bleeker Bob’s by Hazel Sheffield and Emily Judem

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