Julian Lennon New release feat. Steven Tyler “Someday”

Happy 50th to Julian Lennon as he releases a brilliant new tune “Someday”.

This is what we have been waiting for from Julian. ” Someday” is deeply moving , spiritual and a tribute to many beautiful souls who either passed on or are still here making the world a better place.

The graphics and animation in the video are wrought with the psychedelic tangibility of a Peter Max meets Woodstock feel, yet, visually stepped into the future.  An ethereal feeling of powerful strings and a doughy eyed chill rises up the back of one’s neck as we listen. “Someday” brings back so much of his father’s purity of reaching for global peace and the innocence of loving one another..

“Someday” features Steven Tyler harmonizing on background vocals.  And we’ve also heard through the grapevine that singer, songwriter, producer, Gregory Darling, is also involved with the project. Indiestardust  will certainly be getting more information for you on this inspiring new project from Mr. Lennon. Buy Julian Lennon

Looking forward to hearing more Julian!

Screenshots from Julian Lennon’s “Someday”

John and Paul
John and Paul


Julian and Steven in the studio


Buy "Someday "on ITunes
Buy “Someday “on ITunes USA
Buy "Someday" here ITunes UK
Buy “Someday” here ITunes UK

One thought on “Julian Lennon New release feat. Steven Tyler “Someday”

  1. Song by Julian is a great tribute to his father, and the Beatles, and the unity of the late 60s. I see this song being used commercially, very quickly, some TV ad.…My favorite Beatles song, was not by John, or Paul….. by George. TIMELESS.

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